Lorem Ipsum Generator is our new tool for web designers which helps to generate dummy text while developing a new website, a theme or a template.

What is that strange Lorem Ipsum text?

Well, you may see that kind of text very often on many undeveloped websites and themes and it means nothing. All those words are in the Latin language (an old language which isn't used nowadays) and the purpose of that text is just to fill the now empty content or demo content with some examples of text. So the lorem ipsum words is a dummy text for demonstration purposes.

Need to generate "lorem ipsum" text easily?

This is one of the first tools added on FreeTools and especially if you are a front-end developer this will be very handy tool for your daily tasks in web design.

Using the online Lorem Ipsum tool you can create up to 50 paragraphs at once and with just one click you can copy the generated text as plain or HTML formatted.

Want to try the Lorem Ipsum text generator tool?

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