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Nov 8, 20212 min readby Sawyer Andrewsdummyuithemesweb design

What's the dummy face for design?

In the new era of computing and AI, a dummy face means a person portrait generated by the artificial intelligence (AI) using a programming language. So the computer is mixing an image or multiple images thus creating a new a person's photo which does not exist in the real world.

Why you may need a dummy face for your web design?

Well, using a real person's photo for your mock-ups and themes may require permissions from the person in the photo. So to use people portraits in your designs without getting in trouble you may want to use a dummy face portrait rather then just any random peoples photos found on the internet.

Is the photo generated by AI totally unique?

Most of the times yes, but maybe not all the times. How often have you met people who totally reminds you of another person? Sometimes, many times? So, yes some of the faces generated by the AI may look like real people from the real world which means the possibilities of an AI is still limited.

Ready to download free dummy faces for your UI designs?

On freetools for developers you can download and use UI faces for your web design, mock-ups, avatars etc. You can even apply a grayscale and sepia filters on downloaded dummy images.

Try Lorem Faces and download dummy AI generated faces for your UI designs by visiting the tools page on our website freetools.dev/lorem-faces or go to the website www.loremfaces.com

What are the licensing terms of using images from Lorem Faces?

You can use any face image downloaded from Lorem Faces absolutely free with or without attribution to original source. And you can use downloaded images in your personal and/or commercial projects.

Found "Lorem Faces" as useful tool for your design works?

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